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  • FREE! Send up to 5,000 messages (SMS)! *

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* What's in a message? :)

Standard text messages (SMS) can accept up to 160 characters per message. Messages over 160 characters require multiple SMS for complete delivery.

If you send messages of more than 160 characters in length, we'll make sure they get delivered correctly, but the additional SMS required to complete the transmission will count against your allotment of free SMS.

During your trial of nGage, our team can work with you to maximize your free message quota and optimize your messages, upon request.

Example #1:

Let's say you want to send a message to your movie club members with an offer of 10% off the purchase of tickets to any Oscar nominated film playing in your theater this month. Your message looks something like this:

Hey cinema fans! Check out the new Robby Dezero movie, “Raging Gull” in theatres now through 31 March 2020! Get 10% off your tickets at the door when you show us this message!
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This is a 262 character message, and would require two SMS to send each complete message.

Example #2:
You could modify the message above so it fits into one SMS of 160 characters or less. It might look something like this:

See “Raging Gull” 'til 31 Mar at all Cineplace Theatres
Show this text and GET 10% OFF ADMISSION!

This message is 160 characters long and would require just one SMS for complete delivery. And really, it says the same thing as the first message, with the added benefit that recipients actually know WHERE they can go to get their discount!