What Is The Toku Customer Portal?

The Toku Customer Portal is a web-based application where Toku Customers can go to manage their Toku accounts, across different products and services. Toku is gradually rolling out access to a number of useful features and will work to continually improve and enhance the way we help customers manage their Toku Services, via the Customer Portal.

Who is the Customer Portal for?

In its early releases, we are treating the Customer Portal as a Beta product. Access to the portal is by invitation only, as the features we are adding pertain only to certain types of accounts and services.

Over time we will continue to add-on new features and open the customer portal up to an expanded audience.

I didn't receive my invitation. How can I get access to the portal?

If you're sure you should have gotten an invite, check your spam folder. Sometimes system-generated emails can fall through the cracks, no matter how awesome they may be.

Still couldn't find an invite? Well, the portal is currently available in a "closed beta" program, to selected customers. If you didn't receive an email invitation from us (or from someone on your team), you may need to wait a little bit :(. 

If you would like to sign up for updates or to get access to the portal in future releases, please send an email to us at "product.support@toku.co".

How Do I Login to the Toku Customer Portal?

If you received an email invitation to set up your Toku portal account, you can click on the link in that email to access the portal. You'll need to select a strong password to complete the setup of your account.

If you have already completed the setup for your account, you can access the customer portal at the following URL: https://portal.toku.co. 


If I could, how would I get an account?

We know you're excited! We are excited that you're excited!

There are two ways that Toku customers can get access to the Toku Customer Portal.

  1. When you sign up for Toku’s services we may provide the main contact for your company with an “Admin” account for the customer portal. We will send them an email with instructions to set up their portal account.

  2. If you are an "Admin" for your company's Toku portal account, you may add up to three additional users from your company, to your portal account. Be aware that for now, all users have access to see all Company-related information including invoices and files that are hosted in the portal.

How many user accounts can my company have?

Currently, each customer account may have up to 4 users in total.

There is one user who will always be the "Admin" for your company's account.

Admins can set up 3 additional user accounts on the customer portal.

All users for a given customer (Company) have the ability to access and view all information that is common for the company account. This includes Reports, Billing information (including invoices), as well as any files uploaded or stored in the File Manager.

As we add new features or services to the Customer Portal, we may introduce different roles and permissions for users, as needed.

What permissions do users have?

Right now user roles and permissions are very simple. Toku manages "Admin" user accounts on your behalf.  Customer "Admin" users can add up to three additional users to your customer portal account.

All users have the same permissions in terms of what they see and what they can do within the portal, with the exception of adding users.

This means that all users from the same  see Company details in their account profile, and can view invoices, reports and files that have been stored in the portal.

As we add new features and as we collect and digest feedback from you about what improvements we need to make, it is very likely we will introduce different roles and permissions, as well as add security measures like two-factor authentication, to provide more granular and effective user access control.


What's my "Account Profile?"

The account profile is where you will see the following information:

  1. Your user ID and the email address associated with that, for the purposes of logging into the customer portal

  2. Other contact information associated with your specific user account (i.e. telephone and mobile numbers).

  3. Your business’s registered account information, as held on file with Toku.

How do I update or change my profile information?

  1. Users may update information associated with their individual user account, such as their telephone and mobile phone numbers.

  2. Company details may be modified only by sending a request to our Customer Support team. This is due to the requirement that all such changes be reviewed and approved as part of our "Know Your Customer" policies.

  3. Note that you may be asked to provide additional supporting documentation for such requests due to the need to comply with industry regulations.

What is this message about my account being “Verified” or “Not Verified” mean?

Toku is required by law to obtain certain documents and information that help us verify the correct information as pertains to the account holders and users of various Toku products and services. Regulations vary depending on the country and jurisdiction of service. In an effort to ensure compliance we have established an account verification process that we now keep track of via the customer portal.

When you have met all the criteria to properly verify your Toku account, the Toku team will update your account and you will see a green “Verified” stamp on your account profile page.

In the case where this message is not displayed, you may contact us for further details and we will instruct you as to what documentation we require you to submit to satisfy the verification requirements.

You may use the “File Manager” area of the Toku Customer Portal to securely upload and store any document requested by Toku, or used in the course of doing business with us, to avoid sending this information via less secure methods like Email or certain instant messaging apps.

What is the "File Manager"?

You may use the “File Manager” area of the Toku Customer Portal to securely upload and store any document requested by Toku, or used in the course of doing business with us.

We encourage you do use this feature to avoid sending this information via less secure methods like Email or certain instant messaging apps.

Please note that during the initial release of the portal, ALL USERS have the ability to upload files to the portal, and to see files that other users from your team have uploaded. 

The "Compliance" files section should be used for documents that you have been asked to provide for account verification and compliance purposes.

The "Other Files" section can be used to upload and manage any other file that you may want to share with Toku.

Where are my reports?!

Don't worry, you didn't miss anything!

We'll be rolling out new reporting and analysis features over the next few releases of the customer portal. 

We will also share additional information about new features and updates along the way.

Please stay tuned!

Why can't I see all my invoices?

We provide online access to invoices going back to January 2020. New invoices will be posted to your portal account after they have been issued by our Finance team, usually within 1 business day of issue.

Can all users from my team see our invoices?

Yes. Right now, the portal allows any user from your team to view all information in your company's portal account, except for your specific user ID, password, and contact information. This includes invoices, files, and company account information.

Going forward and as we roll out additional features, we will also look at enhancing the framework for roles and permissions to allow more granular control over users' access to different information.

What is the "Resources" area?

The Resources area of the portal is intended to be a place where you can go to get easy access to customer support, the general Toku knowledge base, as well as to other resources like our API documentation (and yes, the Toku.co website).

This is just the start, however. Our goal is to make it easy for you to work with Toku and to manage your Toku services from one convenient place, which will be the customer portal.

I have ideas on how to make this better! What can I do?

We love you already.

If you have ideas for how Toku can make the portal better for you, or you have specific requests for features or things you want us to add, please (PLEASE) send us an email: product.support@toku.co!

We are listening, 24x7!